We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial services

Carpet Cleaning

By cleaning on a regular basis, the soil will be removed to protect and extend the life of your carpet.

Pet Odor Control

Classic carpet has a solution for your pet problem. We are fully certified in odor. 



The dust in your home combined with oils from skin will take a toll. 



Loss of color in spots can happen. Contact us today for an evaluation.

VCT Tile

Mainly found in commercial accounts. Stripping + waxing helps restore the beauty of your floor.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses can accumulate 100k - 10 million dead skin cells in a short period of time. The average person will lose 1 ½ - 2lbs of dead skin cells yearly. 

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Sometimes a good cleaning will increase the appearance. Older floors might require stripping + waxing. 

Area Rug Cleaning

Normally just like carpet, the soil needs to be removed to restore the beauty. This will be done in your home. 

Emergency 24/7 Water Extraction

Classic Carpet has the equipment to extract water and help dry your basement. 

Rental of Equipment

Air Movers & Dehumidifiers 

Will deliver, set up, and pick up. Minimum of 3 day charge plus transportation.